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The InnerCHANGE Glasgow team was launched in 2013 in Possilpark (Possil), one of Scotland’s most marginalized communities.

Built around an iron foundry, Possil has a history of hard work and creativity. As the British Empire collapsed, the foundry closed, leaving many without work. This void paved the way for a heroin epidemic that devastated a generation and has led to Possil being one of the most deprived neighborhoods and with one of the lowest health statistics in Scotland. In spite of these challenges, multiple generations of families continue to live in Possil which creates a strong sense of family, community, and connectedness. Recently there has been an increase of a multi-cultural population which has brought a rich diversity to the community.

In 2023 we expanded into the neighbourhood of Govan on the south bank of the River Clyde. Govan holds historical significance as it was the site of the first Christian church on the mainland of Scotland and was the primary community on the river for hundreds of years. Over time it became a major centre for shipbuilding and its drydocks were known around the world for the ships they built. After World War II the shipbuilding industry began to shrink and although there is still one active drydock in the neighbourhood, the collapse of this industry has been devastating for the community now for multiple generations. Similar to Possil, Govan has a strong sense of family and community and is benefiting from the increase of multi-cultural immigration. 

The team live and minister in these communities and, alongside our neighbors, we seek the flourishing of Possil, Govan and the city of Glasgow through:

Prayer: We put prayer first as an antidote of our tendency to ‘do’ rather than to ‘be’. Our doing comes out of our relationship with God, so prayer must be primary in all we do.

Holistic discipleship: Due to the complex backgrounds and situations that some people face we value discipleship that’s holistic in nature, taking the whole person into consideration as we walk alongside them on their journey towards Christ. In each neighbourhood this looks different. In Possil, a major emphasis is placed on discipleship through enterprise. We are establishing an Entrepreneur and Discipleship Hub called the Grove where people discover their God-given potential through hands-on work, personal growth and creative learning. Most holistic discipleship in Govan is focused on youth who spend their time on the streets. Through developing relationships with these young people we share the love of Jesus through spending time with them, praying for them and pursuing them as Jesus has pursued us. 

Developing local leaders: We seek to empower local leaders because we recognize that the greatest potential for change comes from within the community.

Acts of prophetic justice: We defend the God-given dignity of our neighbors and the land by raising our voices and empowering our neighbors to do the same

We partner closely with Clay Community Church, New Team Charity and value the practices of neighboring, hospitality, and redemptive play in every aspect of our ministry. We do all this with our hearts centered towards Christ in simplicity and full of joy.

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